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Paint detail

Plastic detail

Stitch detail

'Box Patterns'

2018 ¬© karlienorrishmcchesney

20" x 20" (51cm x 51cm) 14 pieces

textiles, paint, plastic


Box Patterns is a set of 7 origami containers; in paper some are formed from a single piece while others are multi-paper modulars. Each has a corresponding piece that represents the flat paper pattern that when folded would produce the 3D shape. On the pattern piece the parts that would appear on the outside and the inside of the container match in colour to the 3D piece; all part in the third colour are the sections of paper when folded would be hidden in the origami box.  The plastic attached with the P, F and numbers represent the number of papers needed to make the origami box and the number of folds needed for each paper.